Climate change will make trees smaller and make young die

Climate change will make trees smaller and make young die. This conclusion was made by scientists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, whose work was published in the journal Science.

It is known that several factors directly or indirectly related to human activities have led to a significant reduction in forest areas around the world. Among them are deforestation, forest fires, insects, and diseases. These changes have led to an imbalance of three important characteristics of a diverse and prosperous forest: replenishment, which is the appearance of new seedlings, growth, a net increase in biomass, and mortality or death of trees in the forest.

The researchers used satellite imagery along with field data on the size and height of the trees. Based on this, they concluded that the globally averaged tree size has declined over the past century and is likely to continue to decline due to ongoing changes in the environment.

“Mortality is increasing in most areas, while replenishment and growth are changing over time, leading to a net decrease in forest area. Unfortunately, factors contributing to mortality, such as an increase in the number of insect pests, as well as forest fires and droughts, will be observed more often due to rising temperatures and climate changes. A reduction in the average age and height of trees is already happening – this trend is likely to continue in the future”.

Nate McDowell, lead author of the research

According to the researchers, reducing the height and longevity of trees will have a serious impact on the global ecosystem – including the survival of some species of living organisms.

Author: John Kessler
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