Clenched fist will allow you to take a picture on the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 app has arrived in the Play Store and features new gestures to mute the alarm, take a photo, or answer an incoming call. More details on these features are reported by the XDA Developers Forum.

Rotating your wrist while wearing the watch will mute audible alarms as well as incoming calls. And clenching and unclenching a fist will answer the challenge. To take a photo or video using the Camera Controller app, open and close your fist.

Gestures will allow Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 users to answer calls and mute alarms.

An examination of the app also confirms that new watch faces will be coming to the Galaxy Watch 3. According to the XDA Developers Forum, users will be able to automatically navigate between different watch faces.

Details of the Galaxy Watch 3, including its name, have been leaked on the Internet for several weeks, including listings from the FCC that suggest the watch will have both LTE and Wi-Fi versions and that it will come with 1.4 and 1.2-inch displays.

The watch is expected to have a stainless steel case, GPS, heart rate and blood pressure monitors, an ECG sensor, as well as 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, and a 247mAh or 340mAh battery, depending on size.

Samsung also adds an excellent health and safety feature called fall detection. Fall detection on the Galaxy Watch 3 will work similarly to the current SOS mode. When you fall, the smartwatch will ring for 60 seconds. If you don’t answer, a message will be sent to you with your whereabouts and a 5-second audio recording for your emergency contacts. There is also the option to make an SOS call when falling. To do this, you will need to enter your own emergency contacts.

Samsung is officially hosting the Galaxy Unpacked event on August 5, starting at 10 am ET.