CISA found no evidence of election fraud

A statement refuting allegations of vote-rigging was also signed by top officials responsible for state-level elections.

Senior representatives of the Federal Agency responsible for security in the US presidential election said on Thursday that there was no evidence that ballots with votes were lost or changed in favor of another candidate. The information that the voting system during the past elections was “corrupted” is not confirmed.

Officials responsible for election security across the country have rejected President Donald Trump and Republicans’ claims that Democrat Joe Biden defeated him as a result of fraud and the loss of ballots.

“The election held on November 3 was the most secure in American history,” the government’s coordinating Council for electoral infrastructure, a public-private umbrella group that is part of the computer and infrastructure security Agency (CISA) responsible for the security of the past presidential election, said in a statement.

“There is no evidence that any voting system removed or lost votes, changed votes, or was corrupted in any way,” council officials said.

“While we are aware of the existence of many unsubstantiated claims and opportunities for misinformation about our electoral processes, we assure you of our full confidence in the security and integrity of the election, and you should also be sure of this.”

This statement was signed by the National Association of heads of electoral commissions in the states and the National Association of Secretaries of states – officers presiding electoral processes at the levels of states and the Chairman of the Commission for electoral assistance.

The statement was released hours after Donald Trump retweeted an unsubstantiated claim that a voting equipment company “deleted” 2.7 million votes cast for Trump across the country, while “passing” Biden hundreds of thousands of votes cast for Trump in Pennsylvania and other states.

Dominion Voting Systems, a manufacturer of voting equipment, and the Pennsylvania state chancery categorically rejected Trump’s claims.

Also, in recent days, the press has reported that Trump is going to fire the head of CISA Chris Krebs, who, in recent days, has made many statements refuting unfounded accusations of fraud in the counting of votes in many states.

Despite this, the Internet is flooded with rumors and conspiracy theories about a rigged vote, during which Trump’s victory was “stolen,” and Republicans and the staff of Donald Trump filed several lawsuits in some States, claiming violations committed during the election. None of these claims have yet been settled in any court.

The statement said election officials across the country are currently “reviewing and rechecking” state and County-level voting results before reporting official election results.

“When the counting of votes is completed in the states, many will recount the ballots. All states where the difference in the number of votes cast for candidates was small during the 2020 presidential race have records of each vote available to go back and check each ballot if necessary, ” officials said.

Author: Steve Cowan
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