Cicadas disrupted the flight of a pool of White House journalists to the UK

According to The New York Times, insects entered the plane’s engines.

Cicadas, which appeared this year on the east coast of the United States in huge numbers, disrupted the departure from the Washington airport of the plane with American journalists on board. They were due to travel to the UK to accompany US President Joe Biden on an overseas trip. As The New York Times reported on Wednesday, insects entered the plane’s engines, and the flight had to be postponed.

The journalists ‘ plane was supposed to take off on Tuesday evening local time, but because of the insects, the organizers of the trip had to find a new plane and a new pilot. There were so many cicadas that their swarm was visible on the weather radars. As a result, the flight was postponed to Wednesday morning.

On the same day, US President Joe Biden will fly to the UK. It is believed that the plane of the head of state is better protected from such troubles, the CNN TV channel notes. This year, 17 years later, the East coast of the United States was again subjected to an “invasion” of periodic cicadas from the brood of X. Periodic cicadas have a unique life cycle: they spend most of their lives underground, rising to the surface once every 13 or 17 years. Brood X is considered the largest, its representatives live on the east coast of the country in such states as Virginia, Maryland, Georgia.

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