Ciara lost 28 pounds after the third birth

Singer and actress Ciara shared on her Instagram account the results of losing weight after her third son, Win.

The celebrity posted a selfie in a white fur top with thin straps, which reveals the singer’s neck and collarbones and a deep neckline and emphasizes her attractive figure.

Ciara talks about the results she has achieved in the five months since giving birth in the caption.

“I am very proud of where I start 2021! I’ve lost 28 pounds! This trip was easy, carefree and fun! Especially juggling with mom’s life, work, exercise and stuff! .. There’s still 20 pounds left! ” – the singer writes.

Recall that the star began training in August, about a month after her third son’s birth.

Fans supported the idol. In the comments, they write that they are proud of Ciara, and her example motivates them to work on themselves and their bodies.

Win Harrison Wilson, born last July, is the third child of the famous singer. Ciara gave birth to her first heir in 2014 when she was engaged to musician Futcher. In 2017, Ciara gave birth to a daughter while being married to Russell Wilson.

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