Chronicles of coronavirus: the US intends to lift restrictions; Europe is waiting for critical weeks

During the day, the number of people infected with coronavirus in the world increased by 93.5 thousand people, more than 7 thousand people died, and almost 32 thousand patients recovered.​This is evidenced by data from the research center for systems science and engineering (CASE) at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

US President Donald Trump said that the country is beginning to lift gradually sanitary restrictions. “America wants to open up, Americans want to open up,” the President said. Each state will decide on its own when to remove restrictions, but this requires that the territory has a decline in new infections within two weeks. When returning to the usual life, the rules of social distance must be observed. According to the President, no new cases have been recorded in 30 percent of the US territory in a week, and the incidence curve is leveling off. The day before, Trump said that the country at the national level has passed the peak of infections. Over the past day, the number of infected people here has increased by more than 32 thousand (a total of 671,331), the dead — by almost 2,4 thousand (a total of 33,284), recovered — by almost 4 thousand (a total of 56,236).

In China, no one died during the day, there were 26 more infected people in hospitals, and there are more than 83 thousand infected people in the country. According to the State Committee for the hygiene and health of the people’s Republic of China, almost 95 percent of patients with coronavirus have recovered since the beginning of the epidemic. In China, only imported cases have been recorded in the past few weeks. In Wuhan, which is considered the source of the spread of the coronavirus, statistics on the victims of the pandemic were recalculated: the number of deaths increased by 1,290 (total 3,869), infected — by 325 (total 50,333).

In Europe, the number of victims of the pandemic continues to grow. In Spain, 184,948 people were infected, 19,315 died and 74,797 recovered; in Italy, 168,941 were infected, 22,170 died and 40,164 recovered. In France, more than 750 people died during the day (17,941 in total), and there is a decrease in the number of newly infected people. The Ministry of Health said that “the spread of the virus has stabilized at a high level.” Total there are 147 091 33 327 of infected and recovered. More than 850 deaths per day were recorded in the UK (13,759 in total), the number of infected exceeded 100,000, and the country extended the quarantine for another three weeks. In Germany, the coronavirus infection rate has fallen below one, which means that the number of infected people is decreasing. Angela Merkel considers this indicator an important criterion for lifting the restrictions that have been introduced. There are 137,698 infected and 4,052 dead in the country. The WHO said that the coming weeks will be critical for Europe. They expressed concern about the situation with COVID-19 in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Turkey, and others.

Russia yesterday had a record for the number of victims of the pandemic per day. In total, 27,938 people were infected and 232 died in the country. In Ukraine, 4161 infected people were registered, 116 people died, 186 recovered, in Poland-7918 infected, 314 people died, 774 recovered, in Lithuania — 1128 infected, 32 people died, 138 recovered, in Latvia — 675 infected, 5 people died, 57 recovered.

In the world since the beginning of the pandemic contracted 2 158 594 humans died 145 533 people, recovered 543 971 people. Yesterday, a report was presented on the state of the Chinese economy — GDP fell by 6.8%. This is the strongest decline in the last few decades. Earlier, the rating Agency S&P changed its forecast for the world economy in 2020 from a growth of 0.4% to a fall of 2.4%. The US President said that the countries of the world have received a serious blow due to the pandemic, as they were warned about the coronavirus too late.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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