Chronicles of coronavirus: 100,000 victims in the US and who will be allowed into Lithuania

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world has increased by almost 285 thousand since the beginning of the week, according to data from the research center for systems science and engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

As of the morning of May 28, 5 million 693 thousand 066 people were infected with COVID-19, 355 thousand 653 people died, and 2 million 350 thousand 088 patients recovered.

In the United States, the number of fatal cases exceeded 100 thousand. The country is also leading in the number of infected people-1.7 million people, 391 thousand people have recovered.

In Brazil, since the beginning of the week, the number of infected people has increased by 48 thousand. In total, there are 411 thousand cases of coronavirus in the country; 25.5 thousand people died.

The EU is thinking about how to save the economy from the crown of the crisis. It is planned to spend 750 billion euros. Meanwhile, many European countries are beginning to open their borders, including to foreign tourists
Lithuania decided to extend the quarantine until June 16, although many restrictions have already been lifted in the country. The head of government stated that these measures are necessary to control and fight the spread of the virus inside the country and protect against imported cases. Lithuania will expand the possibilities of air communication, covering countries where the number of infected over the past two weeks does not exceed 25 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. From June 1, residents of the European economic area, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Northern Ireland can come to Lithuania. In the country since the beginning of the outbreak, 1.6 thousand people have become infected, 66 people have died. Latvia (1 thousand infected, 25 dead) is also considering the possibility of lifting the 14-day quarantine for people coming to the country from Germany and Poland.