Chronicle of coronavirus: flags at half-mast in the US, rapid growth in Brazil, and vaccine trials in Russia

More than 5.1 million cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded worldwide, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University research center for systems science and engineering (CSSE) on the morning of May 22. More than 1.94 million people were cured and almost 333 thousand people died.

The United States has occupied first place in the number of infected people for several weeks. There are more than 1.57 million registered cases, more than 94 thousand people have died, and more than 298 thousand people have recovered. US President Donald Trump has ordered flags across the country to be lowered for three days in memory of Americans who died from coronavirus.

Russia is in second place in terms of the number of infected people. More than 317 thousand infected people were registered there, of which 3,099 were fatal, and more than 92 thousand people recovered. On the eve of the head of the Ministry of the health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko said that pre-clinical trials of vaccines from COVID-19 are now underway, and the population of the country can get access to them at the end of July.

Brazil has the third-largest population infection rate in the world. To date, in the largest state in the region, there are more than 310 thousand infected and more than 20 thousand deaths, more than 125 thousand people have recovered. Over the past day, 18.5 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the country. According to experts, by the end of this day, Brazil may become the second-largest country in the world in terms of the number of infected people. And according to the forecasts of the American Institute of health indicators and assessment, by the beginning of August, the total number of deaths in 200 million Brazil in a moderate scenario of the epidemic may reach 88 thousand, and in an unfavorable scenario-more than 150 thousand. We will remind the President of the country Jair Bolsonaro considers the introduction of strict quarantine measures redundant.

In the UK (4th place in the world: more than 252 thousand infected/more than 36 thousand victims and more than a thousand recovered — such a small number of recovered patients is explained by the fact that infected people in the country are treated at home and go to the hospital only in case of severe deterioration, most often immediately in intensive care, and statistics only take into account patients discharged from hospitals), which at the beginning of the pandemic refused urgent quarantine measures and hoped for the development of collective immunity, conducted a study and came to disappointing conclusions: about 5% of the country’s citizens have antibodies to the coronavirus.

In Europe, the number of infected people detected is decreasing every day. In Spain (5th place in the world: more than 233 thousand infected/more than 27 thousand victims and more than 150 thousand recovered), 484 people were diagnosed with coronavirus in the last day. In late March and early May, the bill was in the thousands. A similar situation is developing in Italy (6th place in the world: more than 228 thousand infected/more than 32 thousand victims and more than 134 thousand recovered) — the increase over the last day was 682 people, which is ten times less than in March-April.

Our neighboring country, Poland, recorded 20,143 cases of infection, 972 people died, and 8,452 recovered. The country is gradually emerging from the coronavirus crisis but may face a political one. President Andrzej Duda’s term of office expires on August 6, and elections in May were canceled due to an election reshuffle. Now the elections are planned to be held on June 28, and you can vote in two ways — at the polling station and by mail.