Christina Ricci spoke about her husband’s abuse during the lockdown

40-year-old Christina Ricci received a restraining order against her husband, James Heerdegen (she already received a protection order last summer). The actress said that she was “trapped in a house with a cruel abuser” in a pandemic, confessing that the man attacked her several times.

Ricci noted that she was worried about her safety and the safety of her six-year-old son Freddie. According to the court’s decision, Heerdegen must now keep at least 100 yards (about 90 meters) from Ricci and their child. Also, James is prohibited from making any contact with them.

Recall that Ricci and Heerdegen got married in 2013, and last summer Christina filed for divorce.

The actress said that her husband’s behaviour changed dramatically in December 2019 when he beat her, spat on her, and then teased her, mimicking a pig’s grunt. Ricci noted that this incident convinced her of the need for a divorce. However, due to the pandemic and forced lockdowns, the divorce process has slowed down, and James attacked her twice more in June 2020.

At the trial, Ricci said that she received cuts and bruises after pulling her by the wrists outside and threw her into a fire pit. The next attack, according to the actress, was seen by their son. Then Heerdegen spat on her and threw a chair and a cup of coffee at her. Lawyer Samantha Spector, who represents Ricci’s interests, provided the court with photographs of the bruises and other injuries she said were the result of Heerdegen’s attack.

The court documents also contain testimonies from Ricci, in which she claims physical threats from James. Ricci said she was dismayed by a comment Heerdegen once made to her in late 2019.

He could pity me only if I was dismembered into small pieces, – quotes the actress TMZ.

According to Christina, this caused her to hide knives and sharp objects in the house.

Heerdegen, obviously, is not going to give up either and intends to defend his name. Larry Buckman, who is Heerdegen’s lawyer, said his client “unequivocally denies all of Ms Ricci’s allegations of abuse that took place in 2020.”

Heerdegen intends to receive a counter-restraining order against Ricci, which will shed light on “her abusive behaviour caused by alcohol and drug abuse.”

In turn, Ricci asked the court to block Heerdegen’s potential attempts to “humiliate and embarrass her” using the audio and video material he had amassed during their relationship.

Author: Sam Smith
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