Christina Aguilera shared footage from a family trip

A little over a week ago, 39-year-old Christina Aguilera told her subscribers that she was going with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler and two children on a trip in their family silver trailer. Apparently, the other day the pop diva returned from a trip and immediately decided to share her emotions with her followers on Instagram.

Aguilera posted a short video edited from photographs and videos taken during the trip. They show Christina, Matthew, 12-year-old Max and 5-year-old Summer having fun in the mountains: walking by the lakes and waterfalls, horseback riding, sunbathing and riding a buggy.

The ones who make it all worth it ❤️

– signed the video Christina.

During the family trip, Aguilera and Rutler also managed to arrange a romantic date for themselves. The lovers, along with wine and a snack, settled on a stone right on the cliff of the mountain, from where a gorgeous view of the ocean opened up, and one of the children captured this moment on camera.

At the end of the world and the view is incredible

– commented on a series of pictures with Aguilera’s boyfriend.