Chrissy Teigen shares a photo of the unborn child

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen showed subscribers an ultrasound photo, which shows the face of her future baby.

Hi my sweet strong boy. You are working so hard, I promise it’ll be worth it!!!

signed a photo of Chrissy.

This will be the third child in the family of Chrissy and her husband John Legend. The model and singer are already raising a daughter and a son – 4-year-old Luna Simon and 2-year-old Miles Theodore.

The model’s previous pregnancies were difficult, and this time, according to doctors, the risks of complications are high. Recently, Chrissy recorded a video in which she complained of malaise and said that she was prescribed bed rest and reduction of all kinds of stress.

It’s so strange because the baby is very, very healthy. It’s so big already, she noted.

Teigen also stressed that due to a difficult pregnancy, she decided to postpone the release of her third cookbook. The other day she was supposed to meet with her co-author Adina Sussman, but “had to send her back to Tel Aviv.”

Over the past few days, Chrissy has posted several photos showing how she spends her time at home. The model solves some of the work moments right in bed and pampers herself with a relaxing bath every day.

Every day my daughter gives me a warm bath and washes my hair. John, do you understand how lucky we are with Lulu?

– Chrissy signed the frame, which is captured in the bathroom with her daughter.