Chris Pratt and his wife took their four-month-old daughter for a walk on the beach

American actor Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger took their four-month-old daughter Lila for a walk along the Pacific beach for the first time.

On Thursday, December 31, new pictures appeared on Katherine’s Instagram page, in which she and her husband and little daughter posed against the backdrop of a sunny beach. The couple walked, enjoyed nature, a deserted sandy strip, smiled at the camera, taking selfies. Baby Laila was sitting in her mother’s arms, fastened with kangaroos. The parents have not yet shown her daughter’s face to the public, but her head in a white cap also appeared in one of the frames.

In the caption to the publication, Catherine left the following words: “End 2020 with a quiet walk along the beach (and the first experience on the beach for one of us).”

After Lila was born, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s heirs admitted that “motherhood is the greatest gift and great joy” for her, despite the severity of the pandemic and the constant maintenance of safe pregnancy and after childbirth. In an interview, Katherine thanked her family for meeting her demands when it came to protection from covid: “You were there and understood my madness when it came to safety in this crazy COVID world in which we live.”

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