Chris Hemsworth installs $ 100,000 bowling alleys at home

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Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth boasted of installing two bowling lanes in his home, worth more than $ 100,000. The Torah star has posted a series of special videos on his Instagram story.

So, in the commercials, 37-year-old Hemsworth plays bowling with friends. According to media reports, the entertainment was installed back in 2019, and its cost was $ 110,000. According to the Daily Mail, the home system is equipped with automatic bumpers and a unique system for returning the ball above the ground. There is also a walk-through balcony above the monitors, which serves as an observation deck for spectators.

In addition to the actor himself and the rollers’ tracks, you can see a fresco that adorns one of the walls. It was written by local artist Otis Carey, who spent about 140 hours on this work.

Note that Chris Hemsworth diligently hides his personal life from the public. He practically does not show the house in which he lives with his wife Elsa Pataki and children: 8-year-old India Rose and 7-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha. According to press reports, the housing, located in the coastal Australian city of Byron Ben, is estimated at $ 30 million.

Author: Sam Smith
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