Chris Evans spends the weekend with Olympic champion Alexandra Raisman

Chris Evans has found a new friend for his dog Dodger. Over the weekend, the actor met with the famous gymnast and Olympic champion Alexandra Raisman to introduce his pet to the puppy of an athlete named Milo. Celebrities arranged a meeting for the dogs and watched with affection as they became friends. The actor and the athlete shared the video from the dog gatherings on their Twitter.

Raisman also posted a cute video in which a happy Chris holds Milo in his arms. “Best friends”, – Alexander signed the post.

And Chris posted a video in which the four-legged frolic in the yard and wrote in the microblog: “Dodger had a very energetic meeting. It’s a shame that his charm did not spread to me. “

Fans of Evans are in awe of his love of animals and wonder if his meeting with Alexandra was not a date. But for now, Chris doesn’t explain anything.

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