Chris Evans impressed with his muscular figure in a new video

Chris Evans, 39, as Captain America from The Avengers, was scared in a hilarious rally video. His younger brother, 37-year-old Scott arranged the prank. At the moment when Chris was walking down the hallway of the house, Scott suddenly jumped out from around the corner with a frightening cry. In a surprise, the elder Evans flinched and screamed, but immediately realized that this was a joke, so he laughed cheerfully. The caption to the short video is: “Finally scared this guy.”

Another joke was the remark above Chris’s belt tightened: “And yes, even Chris Evans needs to unfasten his belt after a hearty Thanksgiving dinner.” Fans of the star immediately noted that Captain America has been pumping up a lot lately, as can be seen through a tight T-shirt. Evans is known for his passion for arranging pranks on friends; now it’s time for him to get scared himself.

This is not the only video posted by Scott on the day of the joint celebration. The Instagram page posted cute footage of Evans lying on the floor playing with three dogs. The day before, he and three-time Olympic champion, gymnast Eli Raisman arranged a game day for their pets, describing it as follows: “Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Tell the people you care about that you love them. Until then, enjoy my fun with the dogs. ”

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