Chinese vaccine trials in Brazil suspended after an incident

The Brazilian health surveillance agency Anvisa has temporarily halted trials of the Coronavac coronavirus vaccine developed by the Chinese laboratory Sinovac in connection with a “serious incident,” Globo reports.

This, as the agency said, is about a “serious adverse effect.”

Anvisa received information about the side effects of the vaccine from one of the participants in the trials on October 29, details of the incident are not given.

“Serious incidents” are defined as death or threat of death of a patient, disability, hospitalization, transmission of infection through a medical device, or a clinically significant event. Coronavac is in its third phase of clinical trials involving thousands of people. Volunteers who have already been injected continue to be monitored by researchers.

Previously, clinical trials of vaccines against COVID-19, developed by the British laboratory AstraZeneca and the American Johnson & Johnson, were stopped.

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