Chinese Test Capsule Returns to Earth

The Chinese test capsule has returned to Earth. The authorities say that this is an important step towards the creation of a space station in orbit.

The new generation capsule returned to Earth after three days of working in orbit. The device, which has not yet received a name, was launched using the 5B Long March 5B rocket during an unmanned test flight. The authorities noted that “this is an important step towards the creation of a space station in orbit.”

The capsule was able to return to Earth after spending two days and 19 hours in orbit. This was reported by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. In the future, it will be able to fly in low Earth orbits to support the creation of a Chinese space station. It can also be used for expeditions into deep outer space, including a manned expedition to the moon.

During the flight, the capsule completed seven trajectory maneuvers, reaching a maximum height of about 8 thousand km. The landing procedure began about two hours before landing, scientists tested the heat shield, parachutes, and airbags.

The capsule is designed for the simultaneous stay of six or seven astronauts, it helps to conduct research in low Earth orbit and beyond. The capsule and its cylindrical service module together are 9 m high and 4.5 m wide.

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