Chinese students will get smart bracelets to monitor temperature online

High school students in Beijing will receive smart bracelets that will transmit real-time temperature data of their bodies in a special application. This service will have access to specialists from the school who may not allow schoolchildren with temperature to enter the territory of the educational institution, as well as call doctors. This is written by SCMP.

As schoolchildren and teachers return to schools in Beijing after the coronavirus pandemic, local authorities began introducing smart wearable technology to protect themselves from starting a new outbreak of COVID-19.

Now, the Beijing authorities have issued smart bracelets to students that transmit real-time temperature data. Technology testing is conducted at Beijing Fengtai High School. Temperature statistics collected by the bracelets will be downloaded to smartphone apps via Bluetooth.

It is expected that the technology will free students from the “additional waste of time and attention on the constant measurement of temperature and allow them to focus on exams”. In case of successful testing, the technology can be distributed first to other schools in the city, and then to all of China.

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