Chinese scientist told about the lesson learned from the collapse of the USSR

Zheng Yunnan, Dean of the Institute for contemporary Chinese studies, spoke about Beijing’s main lesson from the collapse of the Soviet Union. CGTN quotes his words.

The USSR’s tragedy is that it had technical innovations but did not allow market mechanisms to work in the country’s economy, the scientist believes. In his opinion, in the collapse of the Soviet Union, in addition to Gorbachev’s miscalculations, a closed, domestic-oriented development model played the main role.

As Yunnan pointed out, China needs to “learn the USSR lessons and adhere to two principles: open innovation and market orientation.”

“It is necessary to clarify that the current field of rivalry between the United States and China lies not in the sphere of territorial disputes, as it was before, but in the field of high technologies,” the scientist stressed.

Yunnan noted that Beijing still lags behind Washington in creating original technical innovations, and this gap needs to be bridged. To evolve from “assembled in China” to “invented in China,” you need to become an open country and consider market demand.

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