Chinese Foreign Ministry on problems with the visit of WHO experts

Some misunderstanding occurred between the Chinese side and a group of WHO international experts in planning the latter’s visit to China to clarify the origin of COVID-19, Free News reports, citing a statement by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying.

Earlier, the head of the WHO, Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus, said that the Chinese authorities have not yet issued the necessary permits for experts of the World Health Organization (WHO), who plan to go to the country to find out the origin of COVID-19. He expressed disappointment that “the Chinese authorities have not yet issued the necessary permits for the team to arrive in the country, given that two members of this group have already left, and the rest postponed the trip at the last minute.” During contacts with senior Chinese leaders, he stressed that this mission is a top priority for WHO.

“According to the information available to me, the parties are currently still in close contact to determine the exact date of the visit, as well as the program. We hope that the parties will be able to resolve all issues as soon as possible. Therefore, as far as I understand, this is not only a question of visa processing, the parties are still discussing the exact date and agenda of the visit of a group of international experts,” Hua Chunying said.

According to her, the Chinese side “fully understands the position of WHO, including the feelings of WHO Head Ghebreyesus,” but to ensure experts’ successful work, the parties must discuss the details.

I hope that WHO can also understand this; the parties are in constant contact. As far as I understand, there may have been some misunderstanding,” the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

To find out the origin of the new coronavirus, a group of experts was created, including representatives of Japan, Qatar, the United States, Germany, Vietnam, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Denmark.

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