Chinese diplomats in Washington were threatened with death

The official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, said that there were bomb and murder threats against the Chinese Embassy in Washington.

“The Chinese Embassy has received threats of bombing and murder, which is a consequence of the spread of slander and incitement to hatred by the US government,” Hua Chunying was quoted as saying by Free News.

Earlier on Wednesday, the US demanded that China close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston. On the same day, the United States decided to close the American Consulate in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Recall that last Wednesday; US President Donald Trump blamed China for the spread of the coronavirus “to the whole world.” A day earlier, the head of the White House refused to negotiate a trade deal with Beijing, as, according to Trump, China “hit” the US with an “epidemic.”

In early July, Trump declared growing anger at China as the coronavirus spread. Earlier, Trump admitted that China deliberately infected the world with the coronavirus. He also called the coronavirus “a terrible gift from China.”

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, in turn, claimed that the US has evidence that China allegedly deliberately concealed or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus outbreak. Pompeo promised to punish China for hiding information about the coronavirus.

The Chinese Foreign Minister said that Washington had lost reason, morality, and trust.

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