China’s quantum computer is 10 billion times more powerful than a Google device

Scientists from China have presented the world’s most powerful quantum computer – the researchers note that it is 10 billion times faster than a similar device Google. It is needed for accelerated calculations in complex physics experiments.

A photonic quantum computer that uses light particles to work has performed a calculation that a conventional computer cannot handle. This event is called “quantum superiority,” which was previously achieved only in 2019 on Google’s quantum computer. However, the company’s device is based on superconducting materials, not photons.

A new quantum computer can complete a very complex computation in 200 seconds, which will take over half a billion years on the world’s fastest classical computer. The new device, called Jiuzhang, consists of a complex array of optical devices that move photons around them. It includes light sources, hundreds of beam splitters, dozens of mirrors, and hundreds of photon detectors.

“This is the first independent confirmation of Google’s claim that you can truly achieve quantum supremacy. It’s exciting.”

computer technology theorist Scott Aaronson of the University of Texas at Austin
The researchers used boson sampling to test the computer’s performance. The device generated a distribution of numbers that is extremely difficult to reproduce on a classical computer. When dealing with many photons and channels, a quantum computer will produce a distribution of numbers that is too complex for a classical computer.

The researchers explained that with quantum advantage, scientists would be able to solve complex problems faster. This could lead to faster research, computation, and discovery that scientists can reach more easily.

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