China’s foreign Ministry urged Trump “not to open Pandora’s box” by buying TikTok

China calls on the US not to open a Pandora’s Box, demanding to sell the company TikTok, the consequences will be their own fault, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wen-Bin.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump demanded to sell The Tiktok app before September 15. Trump said that on September 15, TikTok “will go out of business” if it is not bought by Microsoft or another company.

“If we follow this erroneous logic of the United States, any country can take similar measures against any American company under the pretext of protecting national security. The US does not need to open a Pandora’s Box, otherwise, it will reap the bitter fruits,” Wang Wen-Bin said at a briefing.

He called on Washington to listen to the international community and the American people and not to politicize economic issues, to provide an open, non-discriminatory, free investment and business environment for companies.

Earlier, Trump said that he could ban TikTok on the grounds that It is a Chinese company that by law must transfer user data to the Chinese authorities. The TikTok States that it has not transferred or plans to transfer user data to the Chinese authorities. Microsoft on Sunday confirmed after consulting with trump that it will continue to negotiate the purchase of the app.