China’s first electric taxi car arrives

Chinese service DiDi and BYD have unveiled the world’s first electric vehicle designed for taxi and car-sharing. Drivers will no longer be distracted by smartphones while driving.

Two leading Chinese companies have unveiled a new electric vehicle that can deliver passengers quickly. Engineers showed the public the D1 hatchback, developed by Didi Chuxing and BYD. The travel range on a single charge is 418 km.

The vehicle’s dashboard has a medium-sized screen and two more touchscreens on the back of both headrests. With their help, passengers can access navigation and other information. There is another smaller screen behind the steering wheel – it works like a dashboard.

The car comes with sliding doors to prevent accidental bumps from motorcyclists and cyclists. The driver’s seat is very comfortable for extended use, and the rear seat has extra legroom.

The D1 was equipped with a second-level driver assistance system – it warns of lane departure, automatically slows down and prevents a potential collision with a pedestrian. Engineers have also provided a driving control system – they must keep their hands on the wheel at all times.

The two companies began working together on a car design project two years ago. Didi is one of the largest operators in the world with 10 billion rides per year. BYD is one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers in China.

The companies used data collected from 550 million registered passengers and 31 million drivers to design the D1. In the future, corporations want to create an automotive ecosystem that can provide mobility for billions of passengers while minimizing environmental impact. To do this, they want to work with producers, energy suppliers and other participants in the production chain.

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