China trained drones to destroy hornets’ nests

Central Chinese people and engineers have come up with a way to deal with a large number of wasps in their cities. They redesigned the drones and taught them how to burn insect hives.

Engineers from central China have converted drones into flying flamethrowers, and the device has already destroyed more than a hundred hornets’ nests. They were used by a group of volunteers Blue Sky Rescue, which conducts search and rescue and other emergency operations. They were assisted by residents of Zhong County, located near Chongqing.

They raised $12,200 to buy an unmanned aerial vehicle, after which they equipped it with a gas tank and a special firing nozzle. In the video of the initiative group, the drone flies past the hive, after which the drone operator turns the ignition switch, and the drone burns the hornet’s nest with fire.

While the initiative group destroyed 11 hives, there were about 100 of them. According to the local newspaper, the residents of Zhongxiang are very happy. “Now we do not need to be afraid of being bitten by wasps,” they said in an interview with a local TV channel, which was quoted by The Independent.

Blue Sky Rescue said that after the drone has destroyed all the hornets’ nests, it can be used for peaceful purposes, for example, to rescue people at sea.

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