China to launch a station to the moon by 2024

The Chinese National Space Agency has announced a science lunar station in 2024. Within its framework, the Chang’e-6 device will collect soil samples.

China plans to launch its next rover robot in 2024. The device will carry equipment from scientists from France, Sweden, Italy and Russia. The researchers reported this to the state agency Xinhua. According to the official news agency, the country intends to position its device near the south pole of the moon.

Chang’e 6 is part of China’s ongoing mission to return moon samples to Earth “for comprehensive analysis and research,” the Associated Press reported.

For the 2024 mission, the China National Space Administration invited scientists from all over the world to participate in the program, offering to transport the payload into space. Currently, four types of payloads, developed by international scientists, have been preselected.

In addition to a lunar satellite, asteroid protection systems may be installed as part of the program, although there are no details about this yet, according to Reuters.

In December 2020, the Chinese probe Chang’e-5 capsule successfully returned to Earth. The device was launched on November 24 last year, landed on the visible side of the moon and collected soil for two days using a drilling device and a manipulator.

In 2014, China became the third country after the USSR and the United States to launch a return spacecraft to the Moon. The unmanned vehicle flew around a natural satellite of the Earth in eight days, covering a distance of 840 thousand km.

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