China police helmets automatically measure temperature

Helmets for police in China automatically measure the temperature at a distance of about two meters. The manufacturer notes that their devices are already in demand in several European countries.

Chinese police, medical personnel, and transport workers now use smart helmets that can automatically detect the high temperature of passers-by. The devices are manufactured by the Chinese company KC Wearable – they use thermal imagers that can measure temperature even at a distance of about two meters.

The company notes that these helmets are in demand around the world. Business Insider notes that they will soon appear with the police in Italy and Dubai, and European governments are also showing interest in them. Chinese authorities say that thermal scanning may be one way to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The KC N901 smart helmet features an ARM processor, augmented reality display, and infrared camera. In accordance with the technical characteristics of the device, it can determine the temperature of passers-by within 0.3°C.

Police in China can measure the temperature of a specific person or people in a crowd passing by. They can also scan a person’s QR code to obtain personal data, recognize license plates, or use face recognition technology.

As noted in KC Wearable, more than a thousand helmets are already used in China. Devices cost from 5 to 7 thousand dollars apiece. Engineers note that the accuracy of the devices is 96%.