China names three steps to improve relations with the US

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi called the ways to improve Chinese-American relations. He believes that three steps need to be taken to do this, according to the Xinhua news agency.

“First, open and activate all channels for dialogue,” the Foreign Minister said, addressing the participants of the Chinese-American forum of analytical centers. According to the Chinese politician, only communication will dispel lies, and only dialogue will prevent miscalculations. He added that Beijing is open to interaction and discussion of any issues. According to Wang, this will strengthen relations between the two Nations if the US does not impose restrictions.

The Minister stressed that the parties also “need to consider and agree on a plan of interaction.” He called for sitting down at the negotiating table and drawing up a plan on areas of cooperation and issues that require joint discussion and resolution.

“Third, let’s focus and cooperate in the fight against COVID-19,” the Foreign Minister suggested. Wang believes that special attention should be paid to the joint fight against the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, Beijing is ready to share with Washington the experience of preventing and containing infection, as well as data on diagnostics and vaccines.

At the end of his speech, Wang Yi noted that all proposals to strengthen Sino-American relations are possible only if the US “stops acts of politicization and stigmatization” and stops portraying China as an enemy. All this is necessary to save human lives and to justify the international responsibility entrusted to the powers.

Relations between China and the United States have recently remained tense. Countries have been waging a so-called trade war for a long time. Also, severe problems in the relationship arise from disagreements over coronavirus and Hong Kong. In particular, on July 8, Washington called the annexation of the law “on national security” that came into force for the city. China calls what is happening in an internal matter.