China may launch an antitrust investigation against Google

China’s antitrust agency is preparing an investigation against Google, which may start in October. Still, the final decision will depend on how relations between China and the United States develop, Reuters reports, citing sources.

According to the Agency, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd appealed to the Antimonopoly Committee of the State Council with a proposal to initiate such an investigation in 2019.

It is noted that it will address the issue that the American company used the dominant position of its Android operating system in the fight against competitors. The Chinese side has developed its operating system Harmony; in their opinion, it should be an alternative to the development of the Americans.

If the investigation is launched, it will be a reaction to the actions of Washington, which hindered the work of Chinese technology companies, citing risks to national security. We are talking about the inclusion of Huawei in the US trade blacklist, the threat of similar actions for Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., actions against TikTok and ByteDance.