China launched mass smart production of small orbiting satellites

The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) has launched the country’s first smart small satellite manufacturing.

According to the China Daily newspaper, the plant is capable of producing up to 240 spacecraft per year, each weighing less than a ton. It will be China’s first smart technology production line for small orbiting satellites.

The industrial site is located on the territory of the Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base, which covers 68.8 sq. km. Now there are about a hundred enterprises that can produce products with a total value of $ 4.6 billion.

The new line will allow us to significantly save time and labor resources. Thanks to new technologies, the process of building satellites will accelerate by more than 40%.

Lu Dongming, Head of CASIC Subsidiary
The main task of the complex is the mass production of inexpensive carrier rockets, in particular, the solid-propellant “Quaizhou”.

Earlier, CASIC said that at least 40 satellites will be launched in 2021: this number will set a new national record. This figure is expected to increase markedly in the coming years, including through private commercial projects.

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