China launched 13 satellites into space at once using one rocket

According to the Central Television of the People’s Republic of China, a group of three Chinese and ten Argentine Earth remote sensing satellites NewSat 9-18 was brought to arbitration with the help of the Changzheng-6 launch vehicle.

According to the agency, the launch started at 11:19 (06:19 Moscow time) from the Taiyuan cosmodrome, which is located in northern China in the Shanxi province.

Ten commercial remote sensing satellites have been developed by the Argentinean company Satellogic. It is based in Buenos Aires. Each satellite carries two remote sensing payloads. The main payload is a multispectral camera capable of producing images with a resolution of one meter.

This launch was the 351st launch for the Changzheng series launch vehicles.

In September, China launched the Changzheng 2F launch vehicle with a reusable test spacecraft. On September 6, the craft landed safely on Earth.