China is against the WHO plan to find out the origin of COVID

Beijing is ringing all the bells. Publications in the scientific media, statements by the local Ministry of Health, and other officials: COVID came from nature. The United States and WHO are pushing Beijing about the second mission of scientists to the Middle Kingdom. China is against it-it fears the politicization of possible “results.”

China is going into denial. There will be no joint work with the WHO on the second stage of the investigation of the nature of COVID, Beijing insists. The Chinese government supports a scientific investigation of the origin of the virus, but is against its politicization, the State Committee of Health of the People’s Republic of China said.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology has denied suggestions about a laboratory leak of COVID-19, as well as reports of employees who allegedly fell ill with the coronavirus before the pandemic. At the same time, Chinese scientists write in an article for Science China Life Sciences that the coronavirus has a natural origin.

But these conclusions are not enough for the world. They are especially strongly reflected in the United States. They insist on the second stage of the investigation of the causes of the coronavirus. The head of the US Department of Health, Xavier Becerra, constantly talks about this. He stated this, in particular, from the rostrum of the 74th session of the World Health Assembly. In his opinion, the group of international experts should have full access to the information and the source of the virus. Of course, their work should be transparent and available for analysis, Becerra said.

All this is rhetoric after the WHO mission actually flew to China idly at the beginning of the year. The conclusions of the expedition are briefly as follows: a leak of COVID-19 from the laboratory is “extremely unlikely,” the infection was transmitted to humans from bats through another animal, and the version of the appearance of the virus through chilled products is “possible.” In general, the conclusions do not indicate the involvement of China, because for several months now some people really want to equip the “right” expedition to the country under the guise of WHO. But the truth is that Mission No. 1 was not allowed anywhere, in fact, where the experts would like to get to, and it is far from the fact that they will ever be allowed at all.

Again, it is not possible to force an investigation through the WHO. The United States wants to “find out the truth” more than others, quite, of course, politicizing the issue. Hypothetically, if China allows a second WHO mission to itself, and bearing in mind the difficult, to put it mildly, relations with the United States, attempts to pressure Beijing cannot be ruled out. Therefore, while the second stage of the investigation under the auspices of the WHO is very unlikely.

If countries are not ready to cooperate honestly, without bias, on pressing global problems that threaten the population, then where, tell me, can they draw inspiration for solving trade and economic issues?

There is one more piece of evidence of the deepest crisis of trust between the largest economic powers of the 21st century. Trust is an important component of solving many intricate and strategically important puzzles of our time. When partners do not trust each other, a full-fledged dialogue is hardly possible.

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