China introduces criminal prosecution for concealment of symptoms and the spread of the coronavirus

In China, anyone can be executed for deliberately hiding the symptoms of the new COVID-19 coronavirus or misrepresenting information about the patient’s condition, according to a statement issued by a Chinese court.

Withholding your travel history can also be considered a criminal offense. The person who became the source of the infection and led to the spread of the virus will be charged with endangering public safety. He can be sentenced to 10 years or life in prison or death.

On February 15, the national health Commission of China banned residents with coughs, fever and other symptoms of the viral disease from traveling around the country on buses, trains, and planes. In addition, all citizens returning home after the holidays from the outbreak zone must remain at home or under medical supervision for 14 days, and those who refuse to be quarantined will be punished.

Many factories in China have not opened after the authorities extended the New Year holidays. China’s Deputy Transport Minister Liu Xiaoming said that the number of trips within the country is a fifth of the normal volume. According to the latest official data, about 1,500 people have died from the virus on the Chinese mainland, and more than 66,000 people are infected.

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