China has warned of a new unknown virus near Russia

In Kazakhstan, an “unknown infection” is spreading, the death rate from which is higher than from coronavirus, the Chinese Embassy in Nur-Sultan said.

The diplomatic mission warned Chinese citizens of a new danger, and this unknown virus is being studied by specialists of the Kazakh Ministry of health.

“Work is underway to compare the pathogen of this disease with a new coronavirus. The death rate is much higher than when infected with a new coronavirus. (…) The Embassy warns Chinese citizens to remain vigilant to minimize the risks of infection,” the Embassy said.

The diplomatic mission, referring to the data of the Kazakh side, reported that in Atyrau, Aktobe regions, and in the city of Shymkent, a noticeable increase in patients with pneumonia has been recorded since June. At the same time, pneumonia is not caused by a new coronavirus, the number of infected is close to 500.

“Since the beginning of the year, 1772 people have died from this pneumonia, only in June – 628. There are Chinese citizens among the victims. The characteristics of this virus have not yet been fully established,” the Embassy said.

The Embassy asked Chinese citizens in Kazakhstan not to trust rumors about the epidemiological situation and to trust only official sources.

“You should leave the house as little as possible, avoid large crowds of people, and provide individual protection. In case of suspicious symptoms, you should immediately contact medical institutions,” the diplomatic mission stressed.

Earlier, the Kazakh authorities reported a sharp increase in cases of pneumonia, along with the spread of the coronavirus. Head of the Ministry of the health of the Republic Alexey Tsoi said that in the first half of the year, the number of patients with pneumonia was about 98.5 thousand people, which is 55.4% more compared to the same period last year.

A significant number of infected people tested negative for coronavirus. The total number of patients with coronavirus in Kazakhstan is just over 53 thousand people.

According to the chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan Aizhan Asmagambetova, research is being conducted to determine the cause of the increase in cases of pneumonia and find the pathogen.


Kazakhstan denied the information about the “unknown fatal pneumonia”

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