China has figured out how to safely land hypersonic missiles

Specialists from the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army of China have figured out how to safely land hypersonic drones: the new method offers three landing options at once, depending on pressure and altitude.

The Chinese peer-reviewed journal Tactical Missile Technology published information that employees of the Chinese military departments have made a number of improvements to the classified model of a hypersonic drone: now it can, at speeds above Mach 5 or 6, 184 million km/h, go to a safe for themselves and others landing trajectory.

In order to safely land at Mach 5 from an altitude of 30 km, such vessels must disconnect 200 km before the runway. If an error occurs, the hypersonic engines will no longer be turned on. Therefore, such a landing should be correct the first time.

Modern on-board computers for such speeds do not have time to calculate the descent modes using the entire spectrum of data, so it was decided to stop only at measuring two quantities: air pressure and altitude.

The authors of the new development proposed to calculate three descent models instead of one for each landing. And depending on the altitude and pressure, the onboard computer will select a specific descent model. On-board computers manage to cope with such a volume of information.

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