China has assessed new sanctions against Huawei

The US actions against Huawei are pure hegemonic behavior that violates the principles of international trade and fair competition, Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday.

Earlier, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced the expansion of sanctions against the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei. The US Department of Commerce on Monday added 38 more Huawei subsidiaries to the” blacklist.” Also, the Agency expanded the scope of amendments, according to which foreign companies using American equipment for chip production must obtain a license in the United States before supplying specific chips to Huawei.

“China strongly opposes denigration and pressure on Huawei and other Chinese companies. Recently, the US, without any evidence, under the pretext of protecting national security, has taken various restrictive measures against Huawei and other Chinese companies. This is undisguised hegemonic behavior. It should be emphasized that these actions of the United States undermine the principles of a market economy and fair competition,” Zhao Lijian said at a briefing.

According to the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the increasing US pressure on Huawei and other Chinese companies only testifies to the success of these companies.
The US accuses Huawei of collaborating with the Chinese military and intelligence and possible surveillance of customers and urges some countries not to use Huawei’s infrastructure and equipment when switching to the 5G cellular communication standard. The Chinese company claims that the charges are unfounded, politically motivated, and violate the principles of market competition.