China completes its First Supercarrier

At the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, the construction of the first of two Chinese Supercarriers of type 002 is nearing completion — the ship can match the power of the latest American “Gerald Ford,” Military Watch writes.

After commissioning, the aircraft carrier will become the sixth ship of the Chinese navy capable of carrying aircraft, after the Liaoning, Shandong, and three laid-down universal landing ships of the 075 class. The first two Chinese aircraft carriers use a springboard (as in the Soviet aircraft carriers or the British Queen Elizabeth). Simultaneously, the universal landing ships can launch and receive only vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

Apparently, the new ship will be able to use heavy aircraft due to the presence of an electromagnetic catapult. So far, only Gerald Ford-class uses such technologies around the world.

Jiangnan Shipyard is now expected to begin a three-year renovation with the construction of a new ship design center and infrastructure expansion. Perhaps this is due to the intention to build more aircraft carriers in the future or move to larger ships of type 003. If the Type 002 under construction has a non-nuclear power plant and a displacement of no more than 85,000 tons, the new ship is expected to become nuclear-powered and exceed 100,000 tons.

“Type 003,” unlike existing and under construction aircraft carriers, will be able to operate not only in the Asia-Pacific region but also around the world.

As for the aircraft, it is expected that the Type 002 and Type 003 ships will receive the most diverse air wings globally, including LRRD vehicles, J-15B heavy fighters of the 4 ++ generation, GJ-11 drones, and others.

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