China accused the US of pushing the world to a new cold war

During a press conference held as part of the national people’s Congress, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi accused American politicians of trying to push the world into a new cold war. He stressed that attempts by some American politicians to put Beijing and Washington on the brink of a new cold war might destroy the result of long-term cooperation between China and the United States.

“Wise people with good vision on both sides should come forward and stop this,” the Foreign Minister said.

Commenting on the current situation in the international political arena, Wang Yi stressed that China does not seek to “change or replace” the United States. He also called on the US to stop trying to change China.

Separately, he noted that China supports an impartial international investigation into the causes of the pandemic. And the US attempts to recover compensation from China for the COVID-19 epidemic, according to him, are not justified. Wang Yi called on Washington to cooperate again. He believes that constructive dialogue is the only right way to prosperity not only for China and the United States but for the entire world.