Chicken meat 3D printed and fried with a laser

Researchers have studied how different laser heating modes affect layers of meat that has been 3D printed. It turned out that when a chicken is treated with a laser, it tastes better than the one that was cooked in the oven.

Engineers from Columbia University, led by Hod Lipsion, conducted a massive study. They studied how different laser cooking modes affect the taste of 3D printed chicken layers. As samples, the scientists used layers of meat made from chicken puree in the form of triangles and squares.

The meat was roasted using a blue LED laser with a wavelength of 445 nm. Its power ranged from 5 to 10 W. In additional tests, engineers used near (980 nm) and mid (10.6 μR) IR lasers. Scientists also processed chicken meat in a conventional roaster oven.

The authors conducted a series of experiments to understand how the trajectory of the laser beam affects the speed of cooking and the safety of meat. They studied the cooling rate of different parts of the dish, how the weight of the product changed during cooking, and compared the penetrating power of different lasers. As a result, the scientists found that the samples that were prepared in a conventional oven lost twice as much weight and volume than those that were prepared using a laser. The reason is that chicken meat took longer to cook in the oven than with a laser. The blue laser has become the best kitchen helper, and IR lasers are more suitable for browning the surface of meat or preparing thin samples.

Scientists also blindly tested the taste of the product. It turned out that laser-processed meat tastes better than oven-cooked meat.

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