Chatbots have appeared that help patients with coronavirus

Chatbots have appeared that help patients with coronavirus. They will be able to advise the majority of applicants and reduce the burden on medical workers.

A new development by scientists from the University of California, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of California is AI-based chatbots that generate answers to patients’ questions about coronavirus. The team trained dataset models in English and Chinese. They contain conversations between doctors and patients.

Researchers noted that due to the spread of coronavirus, hospitals began to visit ten times more patients. Telemedicine applications and services are also overwhelmed by the influx of patients. In March, the number of virtual medical consultations grew by 50%. In this situation, stand-alone chatbots will help ease the burden on healthcare providers.

Researchers have prepared several dialogue models based on different data sets. The recruitment from England included 603 consultations, and the Chinese data set included 1,088 consultations. Each consultation begins with a brief description of the patient’s health status, followed by a conversation between the patient and the doctor. In some cases, they include diagnoses and treatment suggestions provided by your doctor.

Researchers noted that at this stage of the experiments, most of the models did their job poorly. However, the BERT-GPT model provided the correct answers to patient questions. Scientists noted that they were “relevant, informative, and human”.