Charlize Theron underwent three operations due to starring in ‘The Old Guard’

Charlize Theron has established herself as an actress who is not afraid to perform her stunts on the set, especially in the case of action scenes. As Stunt Coordinator Danny Hernandez told Insider, Theron suffered numerous injuries while working on ‘The Old Guard’, including a pinched nerve on her elbow and a torn ligament on her left thumb:

‘She suffered a couple of injuries while filming. In one of the fighting scenes, she injured her elbow. She was also worried about her knee, but the problem with her thumb was the most serious. The incident occurred while she was blocking the strike. Interacting with one of the stuntmen, she unsuccessfully extended her hand, and the blow fell on the finger.’

Hernandez added that after the incident, the actress did not want to interrupt filming. About how severe this injury was, Theron learned only after a couple of months. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress shared that in the end, she had to undergo three operations to put in order the elbow joint and thumb of the left hand.