Charlize Theron tells her daughter that she is dating herself

During an interview with Diana von Fürstenberg on the InCharge with DVF podcast, 44-year-old Charlize Theron spoke a little about her personal life.

Charlize alone brings up two adopted black children – the four-year-old daughter August and the eight-year-old son Jackson, who for some time also began to be called “daughter” of his own accord.

A couple of days ago, my girls and I were sitting in the car, and the youngest said: “Mom, you need a boyfriend.” And I answered her: “Actually, no, not needed. Now I feel good. ” And she again: “You know what, Mom? You need a boyfriend and you need a relationship! “

– shared Theron.

The actress, she said, explained to the baby that she was “dating herself.”

She had such a look as if she had never imagined that this was possible. Her brain exploded. But she realized that such a completely different option is possible,

– said Charlize.