Charges were filed against participants of the unrest in Portland

President Trump has sent police units to Seattle, Chicago, Kansas City, and Albuquerque.

Federal prosecutors have charged 18 participants in street riots in the city of Portland, Oregon. The charges include participating in mass riots, assaulting police, and arson. All the accused appeared in court, heard the costs, and were released.

These charges follow the dispatch of Federal law enforcement officers from the Department of homeland security and the marshals’ Service to Portland, where 58 days of mass protests and riots have continued since the death of George Floyd.

The actions of Federal law enforcement officials have drawn criticism from Democrats and human rights organizations, accusing them of exceeding their authority. The Justice Department’s inspector general announced an investigation into the adequacy of their actions, and a Federal judge banned them from using excessive force, as well as from arresting journalists.
The Trump administration has also sent police units to Democratic-controlled Seattle, Chicago, Kansas City, and Albuquerque, over the objections of those cities ‘ mayors.

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