Charges against Trump officially presented in the US Senate

In the upper house of Congress will be sworn in President of the Supreme Court of the United States John Roberts, under his chairmanship will go to trial.

WASHINGTON – Articles of accusations against President Donald Trump as part of his impeachment procedure are officially presented on Thursday in the US Senate. Shortly after noon, the Senate received seven representatives of the House of Representatives of the Congress, who passed two articles of accusations against the American leader to their colleagues. American TV companies broadcast the procedure live.

On Wednesday, the lower house of Congress, which is controlled by the Democratic party of the United States, passed a resolution by a majority vote approving the charges against Republican Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, signed two counts of abuse of power and obstructing the Congressional investigation. After that, seven elected house of representatives prosecutors (managers), led by the Chairman of the Special Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff, handed articles of accusation to the leader of the Republican majority in the upper house of Congress, Mitch McConnell. A group of Democratic lawmakers, led by Schiff, will represent the lower house during the beginning of the Senate proceedings.

In a couple of hours, chief justice John Roberts will be sworn in the upper house of Congress. It is under his chairmanship that the proceedings will take place. In addition, all members of the Senate will be sworn in. The upper house of Congress will then notify the White House of the start of the process. As McConnell previously said, the first meetings will be held on January 21.

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