Chadwick Boseman voiced Black Panther for the animated series “What If …?”

Insider Daniel Richtman said that Chadwick Boseman could have time to voice the Black Panther for the series “What If …?” So far, this information has not been officially confirmed. But if it turns out to be true, it will be the last role of Boseman, who passed away last Friday at his home in Los Angeles after four years of battling cancer. Richtman’s post reads:

“”I found out that Chadwick had time to voice his role for “What If …?””. This will be the last time we will see/hear T’Chala”.

“What if…?” Is an animated series from Marvel Studios, which tells what would happen if the famous events of the MCU developed differently. The first season of the series will consist of 10 episodes. Its premiere is scheduled for the summer of 2021. It is known that in one of the episodes, Black Panther will become the Star-Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The dubbing process for the series began last year. And if the creators of the series knew about Boseman’s diagnosis, they could have given him the opportunity to be one of the first to sign up for the series.

There were also rumors that in response to fans’ demands not to look for a new actor for the main role in “Black Panther 2”, it is planned to rework the script of the film, transferring the abilities of the Black Panther to T’Chala’s sister Shuri.

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