CD Projekt RED: the three most common quest errors in Cyberpunk 2077

At the release on December 10, 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 was noted with many technical problems and bugs. Since then, CD Projekt RED has worked hard to improve the game with patches. One of them even contained more than five hundred corrections, but it has not yet been possible to completely polish the project. It still contains errors, and the three most common of them are described by CDPR on the official website.

The first bug appears in the “Audience” quest. Takemura does not call V even after completing the rest of the main missions, and the goal “Complete other quests or wait until Takemura is ready” does not change. The second mistake is related to the order “Cyberpsychosis Attack: Smoke over the Water” and is not as unpleasant as the first one. This quest can be in the journal without specifying a goal even after it has been completed. And the third bug occurs in the process of completing the “Sweet dreams” quest. A character named Stefan is absent from the indicated location, and the quest becomes impassable.

As a reminder, recently the CEO of CD Projekt RED, Adam Kiciński, called the technical condition of Cyberpunk 2077 “satisfactory”. According to him, the studio has already fixed some of the errors and will continue to do so in the future.

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