Caviar unveils premium iPhone 12 Pro Warrior line

As you know, we really love the expensive and limited edition Caviar smartphones. Today we will talk about the new line of iPhone 12 Pro Warrior, a distinctive feature of which is a piece of pilum – the spear of the era of Constantine the Great.

The collection consists of several variants of the iPhone, all with a reference to the warriors of different eras: Vikings, samurai, assassins, but the most expensive variant is the “Emperor”.

It is in the “Emperor” version that a spear from the era of Constantine the Great (325) is used. Such exclusive costs 2,990,000 rubles.

If the budget is limited, then you can choose the “Knight” design for 299,000 rubles. Here you have a titanium case with a 3D pattern, laser engraving, and a strict design.

The collection is limited, each version will be released in 99 copies, but the iPhone 12 Pro “Emperor” will be only seven, and “Zulfikar” – 19.

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