Catholic Church reminded about the sinfulness of gay marriage

The Vatican has ruled that the Catholic Church cannot bless gay marriage as it is considered a sin.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) has indicated that gay marriage is discouraged by the Catholic Church. The Vatican recalled that same-sex unions are considered sinful as well as adultery.

Pope Francis is said to have approved this decision. According to the pontiff, the ban should not be regarded as discrimination.

The CDF stressed that the blessings of same-sex unions from the Catholic Church are unacceptable, even if they are “motivated by a sincere desire to welcome gay believers.”

In October 2020, the Pope, for the first time, advocated the legalization of same-sex unions since, from his point of view, LGBT people also have the right to a family. He added that he advocates the protection of such civil unions by law. At the same time, the Vatican later disowned Francis’ support for same-sex marriages: the words about the legalization of civil unions were allegedly taken out of context. The pontiff had in mind the right of homosexuals to be adopted by their families as children and brothers.

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