The US did not support the UN budget because of Israel and Iran

Washington did not like the fact that the UN did not support its position on anti-Iranian sanctions and the allocation

Iran urged the UN Security Council to influence the destabilizing policy of the United States

Iran asks the UN Security Council and the international community to call on the United States to stop destabilizing steps

The UN called an insult to justice the pardon in the United States of those responsible for the ...

Earlier, US leader Donald Trump pardoned contractors of the private military company Blackwater. The pardon by US President Donald Trump

The UN expressed hope for an improvement in the human rights situation in the United States under ...

UN High Commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet recalled that the US President-elect “made a series of promises” in this

The General Assembly established the International day of preparedness for epidemics

The resolution notes the need for international cooperation in the fight against health crises. The UN General Assembly has declared

The UN believes that 2021 will be a disastrous year for the world

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people who are on the verge of starvation has increased to 270

The US criticized the forthcoming UN meeting on the coronavirus

In Washington, they believe that the event is rigged for the interests of China. The United States said the UN

Antonio Guterres: “We are close to a climate catastrophe”

The UN Secretary-General made a report on the situation on the planet at Columbia University. On Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio

The UN will hold a presentation of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”

The Russian permanent mission to the UN and the Ministry of Health will hold a presentation of the Sputnik V

Guterres held first phone conversations with Biden

According to the report, Guterres sent Biden congratulations on his election. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres held the first telephone conversations