Iran imposes sanctions on Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton

A total of 10 US officials were blacklisted. The Iranian authorities have added several high-ranking representatives of the US administration

The European Commission will present a plan to protect EU companies from third-country sanctions

The proposals are aimed at strengthening the euro and reducing the vulnerability of the community in the face of possible

Trump ordered to transfer Israel to the area of responsibility of the Central Command

Thus, the main Middle East command will pursue a military policy towards both Israel and Arab countries. President Donald Trump

The representative of Guaido will attend the inauguration Biden

Carlos Vecchio said that he received an invitation to the event. Carlos Vecchio, a representative of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan

Navalny urged Russians to take to the streets

Alexey Navalny was sentenced to 30 days in the police building. The opposition leader himself called it lawlessness. On Monday,

The detention of Navalny: the reaction

In the United States and Europe, there are calls for the immediate release of the Russian opposition leader. Jake Sullivan,

FBI examines possible foreign intervention in the assault on the Capitol

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation investigates possible financial support for participants in the storming of the Capitol from foreign

Iran has threatened to bring the US to the International Court of Justice

Tehran has warned Washington against “actions against Iranian diplomats,” threatening otherwise international legal proceedings, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh

In Iran, the new US sanctions were called a show-off

The head of the Iranian presidential Administration, Mahmoud Vaezi, called the latest US anti-Iranian sanctions ostentatious. “The latest US sanctions

Germany has elected a new successor to Merkel

In Germany, a new successor to Angela Merkel was elected to the post of German Chancellor. The Prime Minister of